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As a family farm we can't compete with supermarket's big beef supplies, but what we can do is offer small batches of top tasting beef direct from the person that reared it.


Farming has been in our family for generations and we rear all our cows using the same simple, traditional techniques we've always used. We keep Shorthorn cows which are native to our islands and famed for their marbled meat, full of flavour. As a native breed they can be allowed to grow naturally and at their own pace, living long and happy lives on the grassy hills of County Tyrone. The final stage of their journey is a short and stress-free trip to meet their maker before dry-aging the beef for 28 -35 days to ensure optimum flavour and tenderness.

We're always being told about the impact cows have on the environment and if we're going to eat meat we should know how it was reared and we should eat less of it. Given how busy we all are it isn't always easy to do this so our recipe kits are here to help!

Our Curious Farmer Recipe Kits are a collection of delicious, simple to follow meat and meat-free recipes designed for conscious consumers with busy lives.


We have beef recipe kits for every cut of the cow which can be teamed up with rare-breed meat from our farm. For those looking to eat more vegetarian or vegan meals we also have a selection of equally delicious meat-free recipe kits to get you started.

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