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It's been 5 years since I first started looking into diversifying our family farm and in that time we've had numerous native breed cows, sheep and pigs through the ranks and hosted countless foodie events from nose-to-tail dining to cook-the-whole-animal classes. I've worked with lots of great people and amassed a loyal customer base for our meat box deliveries. Now we have an established (albeit small) pedigree Shorthorn beef herd and Dorset Horn flock and our own food products in the form of beef and meat-free recipe kits.

In all this time I have eaten a lot food with no real thought for whether or not I am eating a balanced diet. With that in mind the first theme for my blog is going to be how to eat a balanced diet. This may be something that is obvious to a lot of people but for me it is something I have very little knowledge of. I have a distant memory from GCSE Home Economics of a plate cut into sections for different food groups but that's about it.

I've written blogs before and I've found that one sure fire way to give up on it is to try and write perfect prose that's been eloquently edited so I'm afraid this blog might be a bit rough and ready! But hopefully it will help me reach some conclusions on how to eat better and maybe give you some food for thought (arf!) as well.

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